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KOSLAK is a unique amalgamation of tradition, culture and edgy urban fashion. Rich cultural heritage is renovated and integrated with contemporary design and traditional techniques in every KOSLAK creation. KOSLAK is an earnest tribute to a lost craft many generations old. The Journey & Inspiration behind this project is to bring to the world a very special skill from the local craftsmen of Ladakh. Creating work opportunities for these highly skilled craftsmen from this region is one of the main objective of our project. Combining traditional craft with contemporary fashion we create a unique product that talks about the people from this region and their hopes and beliefs. Traditional Buddhist motifs form the foundation of most of the designs. This is our initiative to revive one of the earth's most rare and beautiful crafts. We aim to document and curate these artefacts for the world to see, experience and appreciate and perhaps be able to stop another age old secret from getting lost. 

​"The world loves its secrets, the secrets that have been embedded in our heritage. The message that encodes our tradition.
The crafts of our ancestors have lost in time and its time to restore them for our future".